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Replacement Doors

The economic case for Replacing existing bedroom or kitchen doors is beyond dispute. The usual scenario is that due to space limitations your existing layout is the optimum which can be achieved. Although cabinet doors are constantly exposed to the wear and tear of every day use your cabinets are protected and are often in excellent condition. Therefore the obvious solution is to just replace the main visible items ie the doors. Instead of the eye watering quotations you will receive from fitted kitchen and bedroom companies you can replace a typical run of say four wardrobe doors, including new hinges if required, for about £300 inc VAT and delivery by choosing one of KRL Doors super high quality, low cost door styles.

Your quotation for fitted furniture doesn't usually just end with replacing the cabinets. Having disturbed and removed the existing fittings added costs for extra electrics or plumbing are often incurred. Add in new decorations, wall and floor tiling and what started as a manageable project can end up with an application for a bank loan. Which we all know these days are about as rare as hen's teeth.

Another factor often overlooked is the disruption. With the best will in the world an average size kitchen replacement will often take about a week. On the other hand, you can usually either replace the doors yourself or perhaps employ a local handyman to do it in less than a day.

New Build Fitted Furniture

KRL Doors custom styles are also ideal for new cabinets. Many of our customers have decided for whatever reason not to replace existing doors but to purchase our doors and fit to new cabinets which they have sourced elsewhere. As all of our door styles are made to measure this presents no difficulties irrespective of where the cabinets are obtained. Using this approach our customers have found that they can achieve a much desired custom Painted or beautifully polished Real Wood finish for literally a fraction of the price quoted by some of the 'exclusive' bedroom and kitchen studios.

Chilton Shaker

Chilton Shaker Wardrobe Door

Chilton Shaker Wardrobe Door - shown with Optional Mid Rail

Low Low Prices

Custom made full height

  • Hi Line Kitchen cabinet doors from about £20
  • Bedroom (Wardrobe) doors from about £50

  • Our Laminate Slab style doors are incredibly competitive - we do not know of any other custom made doors at comparable prices. Except, of course, for our Chilton Shaker style, which for a top quality Five Piece door exceeds all expectations. These doors are Not of inferior quality nor are the amazing prices achieved by cutting corners with poor service. Only the finest raw materials are used and the doors are produced by highly skilled craftsmen who have accumulated years of door making experience with specialist equipment in UK based factories. As well as our wide selection of Low and Mid priced styles we are pleased to also include a choice of Real Timber doors, the like of which are usually found only in up market, extremely expensive, kitchen and bedroom studios. Whilst we do not pretend that these are comparable in price to the Slab Laminate, Chilton Shaker and other styles, for beautiful hand finished doors, in the finest timbers, they also represent amazing value. If you require a minimum of ten items we can paint your Real Wood doors in a colour matched finish. For less than this quantity we can supply the doors in a sanded raw timber finish for you to paint yourself. Some customers like the grain to show through the painted finish, in those cases the doors are made from Oak. Alternatively, if a smooth satin finish is preferred then Maple is used.